Queen Mother Best Kemigisa


Queen Best Olimi Kemigisa of Tooro Kingdom is our founder. She is mother to King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV, the reigning monarch of Tooro Kingdom in Uganda. She is also the Founder of the Tooro Women's Development Association,  the African Kings Forum and co-founder of the African Queens and Women Cultural Leaders Network.   

The Queen Mother is passionate about issues that affect girls, women and children in Africa. Most of her work takes place through the Queen Mother Best Foundation (QMBF): a registered NGO located in Tooro Kingdom, Uganda. Since its inception, the QMBF acts as a platform for promotion of human rights, HIV awareness, hygiene and sanitation, primary education, vocational and life skills development. 

The Queen Mother uses HAKYOOTO as a vehicle to achieve her aims and objectives. A Rutooro word meaning around the bornfire, Hakyooto is organised in various parts of Tooro and Africa. These events involve coming together so as to listen and learn through storytelling, music, dance and drama as means to educate people about their culture. Various influencers are interviewed and harmful practices are discarded and symbolically burnt on the bonfire so that people are able to re-right their future. After this, we celebrate the with eating together. The Queen Mother welcomes all well-intentioned people and organisations to team up with her in realising her mission of educating, entertaining and empowering the people of Tooro and Africa. 

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