Hakyooto Educates

At the Bornfire


 Traditionally, the bornfire was the place where knowledge was transmitted from the old to the young through songs, proverbs and folklore. Come to our Hakyooto events and learn about the rich culture of the people in the various kingdoms of Africa.

At School


It is widely known that education is the new currency.  Having realised this, our mission is to educate the people of Tooro so that they are able to come out of poverty and live  their best lives. Contact us to find out how you can help us and make this happen. 

In Seminars


We run seminars to inform and nurture leaders so that they become effective partners in the brokerage, advocacy and implementation of our innovative initiatives for the education and empowerment of women and girls  in Africa.  

Campaigning against FGM

Campaigning for Girl Education